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Next-Gen Information Protection Announcements – Ignite 2015

The following are my notes from the Next-Gen Information Protection announcements at Microsoft Ignite 2015.
Microsoft thinks about security in three ways:

  • Being pervasive
  • Transparent
  • People-centric

Pervasive – policy applied to data level (when its created inside the ecosystem)
so it goes with data across devices.
Unified compliance – running data through compliance center across email, SP, messaging, etc.
Pervasive -Admin goes to compliance center
Sets up files and links with security
User opens links received via email. Malicious links redirect user to a threat warning page blocking access.
Audit Activity
Activity feed of what happened within the org. who logged in, who downloaded what file etc.
Corporate Data on Personal Device
IT can now selectively wipe corporate data profile and keep personal data intact.
Organization Search
Admin perform searches external sources like Facebook, twitter etc. Report comes back with list of activity around external services. This extends eDiscovery within the organization
Data Insights
*MSFT acquired equivio last year which provides these insights.
Admin imported any files and run the program on that. Wants to perform keyword search. It will provide time vs accuracy when you trying to go through review ton of documentation providing data insights. Based on the results Admin can then run the keyword search or not.
Unified Compliance and Policy
DLP will now go through all data in SharePoint and mark data with red icon with a policy tip of why this data has security concerns. End users can view this tip.

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