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Office 365 Data Loss Prevention in Transit – Ignite 2015

Office 365 Data loss protection (DLP) comes with 6 to 7 predefined templates, MS is adding 20-30 every month
One central place to manage all workloads (SP, OD4B, Exchange) .
Admin Actions
Block access to content for SME. They shouldn’t be able to see end user content.
Send email notification
Policy tip (like outlook) across all workloads
Target policies by group (change scope anytime)
Everything is audited. Incident report is available per each hit, per user.
End User UX
Scenario – User places the file in OD4B.
Owner gets email notification that access was restricted. Probably because the person it was shared with added sensitive data. That user has the file blocked in Outlook.
Sees policy tip even inside the office client (e.g. Excel)
Admin UX
Incident mgmt system – integration with dynamics (if u have license). Admin can go to single dashboard to see a case and shows a view for compliance and dlp cases. Office 365 activity report also shows some incident reporting (not detailed). Export to csv or anything else.

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