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How Healthcare Can Use Data to Improve Patient Engagement [Video]

Earlier this week, I discussed the #1 lesson that the healthcare industry could stand to learn from the retail industry. Namely, this include the use of consumer/patient data to understand, motivate, and incentivize true behavior change. In an effort towards true patient engagement, we can use that data for even more.

Really with all of this “Consumer Engagement”?

Yes, I know. The phrase “consumer engagement” has been bandied about so often that it has lost its meaning. As a result, while the industry wants true consumer engagement more than ever, they are tired of hearing the term “consumer engagement”.

However, true consumer engagement, the kind of engagement that is realized through true connection with each patient and their surrounding population, will remain a focus in 2015. More patients will work with their providers to take responsibility for their health, use technology tools to manage chronic conditions, and utilize social networking to communicate with their peers.

Here’s the Problem

The problem is that we are faced with a current state that looks a little something like this:

  • 83% of Americans don’t follow treatment plans given by their doctors exactly as prescribed
  • 42% of Americans feel they would be more likely to follow their prescribed treatment plans if they received encouragement and coaching from their doctors between visits
  • 55% of providers say they don’t communicate with patients between visits and 50% of healthcare professionals believe their job begins and ends during regular office visits

This is where we all admit that we all still have quite a bit to learn about true consumer engagement. It just so happens that last month I teamed up with a leader from our Retail industry practice to provide the webinar entitled “A Real Retail Strategy for Healthcare”. Among other things, I spent time discussing how you use data, and true engagement, to create awareness, convert unknown consumers into patients, relate to them on a personal level and then earn their loyalty. Check is out below.


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