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Fireside Chat: Apollo Endosurgery’s Rx for Cloud Success



The life sciences and healthcare industries are no exception to the rise of the “Connected Customer” and the next wave of opportunities are at hand. Patient/physician engagement, agility, regulatory requirements, and product development are just a few of the business challenges these industries face. As a result, successful companies are turning to the cloud to respond to near-term challenges, develop long-term multi-channel engagement models and quickly adapt in an era of transformation.

Tune in to our upcoming webinar on May 7th as I sit down for a virtual fireside chat with Jonathan Green, senior IT director at Apollo Endosurgery, as he shares how the company transformed its business in 8 weeks with Salesforce’s cloud platform. During our discussion, we’ll cover:

Preparing for the ‘Next Wave’ of Innovation 

Websites are the center of digital engagement for most brands and a lot of effort goes into transforming them into a “hub” for customers to engage and find answers to their questions. Websites must be useful, responsive and intuitive, and as a result, building a website is no easy feat. Learn how Apollo built a website in 60 days using the Salesforce platform.

Adapting Business Models for Growth 

While emerging markets, mergers and acquisitions, and product innovation allow for new business opportunities, these activities also pose unique challenges for IT. Companies must be more agile and find ways to become a high-performing business. See how Apollo was not only able to merge Salesforce orgs after an acquisition, roll out Sales Cloud, and connect 20+ data sources in 8 weeks, but hear first-hand how they are unlocking the power of cloud and mobile to support sales and marketing processes to engage patients and physicians.

Conforming to the Changing Regulatory and Risk Environment

The life sciences industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries. With new regulations come new risks for an organization. Companies need secure, reliable and flexible solutions designed to meet the rigorous compliance needs of the life sciences industry. Jonathan will dispel cloud myths and help you better understand the benefits of the cloud and how the Salesforce platform enables them to build secure applications for the business.

We look forward to an engaging conversation and sharing Apollo Endosurgery’s secrets to success with Salesforce! Register for the fireside chat.

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