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Azure: Did You Know? Website Deployment Slots

azure deployment slotsEvery Azure Website (recently renamed App Service) comes with a default deployment slot – production. Did you know that you can create up to 4 additional deployment slots to be used for dev, test, QA, or staging?
Deployment slots are actually live web apps with their own hostnames. Web app content and configurations elements can be swapped between two deployment slots. Benefits of deployment slots include:

  • You can validate web app changes in a staging deployment slot before swapping it with the production slot.
  • Deploying a web app to a slot first and swapping it into production ensures that all instances of the slot are warmed up before being swapped into production. This eliminates downtime when you deploy your web app. The traffic redirection is seamless, and no requests are dropped as a result of swap operations.
  • After a swap, the slot with previously staged web app now has the previous production web app. If the changes swapped into the production slot are not as you expected, you can perform the same swap immediately to get your “last known good site” back.

Stay tuned for more Azure Did You Know’s. Contact us at Perficient to have a certified Azure consultant help envision your solution today!

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