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Oracle BI Cloud Service: Data Sync Released & DBaaS Supported

bi_161-315Today Oracle releases Data Sync, a tool that facilitates loading data into the Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) by offering a variety of capabilities:

  • Loading data from on-premise relational databases or data files into BICS Schema Database
  • Scheduling data load jobs
  • Monitoring data load jobs
  • Sending out email notifications

Earlier this week, Oracle has upgraded its BI Cloud Service offering to support Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS) as a source for BICS reporting. This is a great improvement from the previously supported version of the BICS Database referred to as “Schema Database”. With this recent support for DBaaS, Oracle has now expanded its BI Cloud capabilities to enable a fully functional data warehouse reporting solution in the cloud. While the Schema Database has been restrictive in how to connect and load data to it, with DBaaS we now have limitless options of how we may load data by leveraging conventional means of data integration and ETL tools.

And with Data Sync, as a lite ETL tool, things are no different. While the Schema Database can only serve as a target, DBaaS can be both a source and a target with Data Sync. This means that with DBaaS we have much better means now of not only loading data but also extracting it from BICS using Data Sync.

For a quick primer on how to get started with Data Sync, you can reference my earlier blog here.

To download Data Sync and reference its documentation, follow this OTN link.

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