Digital Transformation and the Salesforce Service SOS Feature

Businesses are undergoing digital transformation in many different areas of their business – operations, finance, supply chain, support – and mobile is at the heart of almost every initiative.

The number of mobile apps in the market continues to grow. In the area of support, digital transformation is forcing companies to rethink customer service and how they are connecting with their mobile audience. A recent study found that 90% of mobile apps have poor or no support and customers are leaving brands due to poor customer experience. This experience gap has been further widened with the “Amazon Mayday” which has raised customer expectations.

Salesforce has been at the heart of the digital transformation revolution as a leader in cloud computing, and has introduced Salesforce SOS, which may very well be the future of in-app support. With Salesforce SOS, support agents will be able to provide personalized mobile app support in real time using the context of your app data.

Image Source: TechCrunch

Image Source: TechCrunch

Customers will be able to request immediate support from within the app with a click of a button (or tap of a finger rather) to access a live agent with video support to guide the user through app troubleshooting. The support agent will be able to watch the customer interact with the mobile app in real time and draw on the screen to guide the user. The agent at no time will be able to control the users app or navigation.

Below are some of the capabilities and limitations of the Salesforce SOS app:


  • Supports native and hybrid apps
  • IOS and Andriod
  • LTE/4G and Wifi
  • Two way Audio
  • One way Video (Agent video streams to Customer)
  • Field Masking
  • Session Recording


  • No Support for Windows or Blackberry
  • Will not work on 3G Networks
  • The agent cannot initiate a session
  • No transferring of sessions between agents.
  • No multi-user interaction

A few customer support use cases where this could be a very helpful feature:

  • Financial Services – Assistance with online and mobile banking services
  • Retail – Provide expertise and assistance with mobile shopping experience
  • Field Services – Connect field agents to back office experts and stream live video back to get quick resolutions

For more information about the Salesforce SOS Feature, head here.

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