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Integration & IT Modernization

Driving Digital Transformation in Retail with APIs

The way people shop is different than the way it used to be. A shift towards an integrated shopping experience requires execution and fluidity across store and digital channels.  To support an omni-channel customer experience, business must work through disconnected systems to quickly serve customer demands.

In the face of IT Modernization, organizations must consider new ways of elevating experiences to compete in the digital landscape today.

Similar to a facelift, retailers need to provide a “lift” in the shopping experience – an elevated experience that engages consumers across channels- perhaps a new definition to the phrase, “shoplift”?

As the connected consumer evolves, demands and expectations continue to rise, and trends rapidly change. Social, digital, and mobile modernizations influence the consumer experience. With this, new opportunities and challenges arise for retailers to interact with those consumers.

So how do companies do that? Enter APIs!

APIs in retail enable businesses to compete in the digital landscape. As mentioned in a previous post (see APIs in a Photograph), APIs are the channel to another dimension of the shopping experience. By incorporating APIs into your retail strategy, businesses will see an increase in digital sales.

big-box-infographic- unnamed

In addition to the API economy, Digital Sales in Retail are influenced by Social Commerce & Marketing, Personalized Shopping Experiences, and In-Store Experience. To read more about the Connected Consumer, download our guide.

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