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If you look at the numbers, it’s evident that Google is the leader when it comes to web search. There’s no contest. So, it should be no surprise they also happen to be the champion of enterprise search, enabling companies to quickly and accurately scour their multitude of databases all at once across the organization. Everyone wins. No one’s left out.

Now, how many times have you searched for a document at work and opened it, only to find that it wasn’t what you’re were looking for? I bet it happens more than you’d like to admit. The impact of this? Loss of productivity. Precious time wasted. Frustration. 

Well, Google has the solution.

One my favorite features of the Google Search Appliance (GSA) – the brains behind their enterprise search operation – is the document preview functionality. As you search your company’s files via the infamous search box and the results are returned, you can hover over a magnifying glass that appears next to a particular search result, which generates a preview of the document right then and there. No files are opened. No tabs are opened. Nothing needs to be closed.


The document preview functionality works for Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files. When it comes to the number of pages you can preview, that’s really up to you, but most of the time, the right document can be identified from just the first few pages.

If you’re a life sciences company that’s tired of wasting time and money searching for the right document in your scanned paper records, document management system, clinical trial management system, file share, or any other type of database, send us a note.

You can also join Google’s Head of Search, Rob Cocks, and Perficient’s Google Practice Director, Chad Johnson, for an upcoming complimentary webinar in which they will discuss why and how life sciences companies can leverage the GSA to save time, money, and eliminate frustration.

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Eugene Sefanov

Sr. Marketing Manager, Industries, Perficient

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