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Digital Transformation

Thriving in the Digital Economy thru Digital Transformation

IDC released a new MaturityScape report intended to provide guidance to companies about how to thrive in our new digital economy.  They predict that by 2018 a third of the top twenty market share leaders in each industry will be disrupted by new competitors that use digital technologies to create new services and business models.

IDC provide the following maturity model for digital transformation:


Digital Transformation Maturity

Source: IDC

IDC also identifies five key dimensions that need to be addressed:

  • Leadership – leaders need to become more sophisticated and knowledgable in their digital ecosystem.
  • Omni-Experience – the ability to attract and retain customers, employees and partners through engaging digital experiences.
  • Work Source – transforming the businesses work with talent through digital technologies
  • Operating Model – making business more responsive and effective through digitally connected people, partners, systems and assets
  • Information – leverage information and analytics to respond quickly to business opportunities

In the coming months, IDC plans to add further information about these dimensions.

Overall this is exciting information and validates a lot of the work we are currently undertaking with regard to Digital Transformation.

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