Client Spotlight: Engaging the Connected Patient with Salesforce



Healthcare reform has caused the health insurance environment to become increasingly complex and competitive. This reform is driving the business-to-consumer shift with healthcare insurance exchanges and creating a competitive environment that is impacting member retention. The need for consolidated consumer information has never been more important.

In fact, Salesforce recently conducted an industry survey on the State of the Connected Patient. In this report, results showed that a vast majority of patients currently connect and communicate with providers and health plans primarily still by traditional means such as phone (76 percent) and in person (25 percent). However, new channels like online health portals, email, and telehealth will likely grow in popularity as patients become more mobile and constantly connected. As this occurs, providers and health plans need to meet these changing shifts in how people engage within the healthcare ecosystem. How can organizations use Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform to better leverage these new digital channels and achieve customer success? It all comes down to having that single source of information to help organizations view and access data, making it actionable for the organization, and providing ways to  better engage those they serve.

What better way is there to learn how to Salesforce can help than to learn from others. Check out how a top ranked  health plan in the nation, based in the Northeast region, took the Salesforce platform to the next level for their organization.

With the goal of bringing consumer data under one platform and improving performance through business process improvements, Perficient worked with its leadership team to re-engineer its sales workflows and drive standardization across its business units. Re-configuring the Salesforce solution around the new sales processes was one component of this very large and complex implementation. An equally important aspect of the project was master data management (MDM) ─ pulling together and rationalizing all of the information needed to have a 360° view of its customers. Already a user of Salesforce Sales Cloud, the client wanted to take the next step to enhance the solution’s capabilities and implement a structured sales process to get the most possible benefit from using Sales Cloud.

Perficient  redefined a data integration strategy to help create a structured selling process and increased meaningful measurement of performance and support sales. As part of this process, the health plan also benefited from process automation and data quality improvements through a data migration effort from its enrollment system into Salesforce. Lead data was also integrated into Sales Cloud accounts and opportunities to enhance target marketing and pipeline management efforts. Overall, this effort increased transparency throughout the organization and better positioned the organization for growth and new compliance requirements down the road. Read the full case study here.

Together, we’ve learned with the client, and the industry in general, it’s critical that healthcare organizations respond to technology shifts in the health experience. Incorporating mobile devices and apps, wearables, telehealth and self-service features are a competitive advantage but you have to have a platform, such as Salesforce, in place to make all this possible.

Now the only question that remains – where is your healthcare organization at with its digital transformation journey?

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Elizabeth Dias

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