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TweetChat: Converting Unknown Consumers Into Patients #hcsmIRL

The #HIMSS15 conference takes place April 12-16 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Once again this year’s conference will showcase the newest technologies, trends and solutions in health IT and Perficient is excited to be participating as sponsors, exhibitors (Booth #4460) and speakers.

Join the TweetChat on Monday, April 13 at 11:30 AM CTMelody Smith Jones (@melsmithjones), Manager of Connected Health at Perficient will be facilitating a roundtable discussion on Converting Unknown Consumers into Patients Using Social Media. This session takes place on Monday, April 13th from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM CT. We will be taking the conversation to Twitter so if you are unable to attend in person you can join the TweetChat using #hcsmIRL.

Here are the #hcsmIRL Topics:

#hcsmIRL T1: Should patients be considered “consumers”?

#hcsmIRL T2: How can a healthcare organizations demonstrate a trusted and authentic voice using social media?

#hcsmIRL T3: How do we create patient anonymity and support the values of HIPAA on social?

#hcsmIRL T4: How can social media be used to influence individual health behaviors?

#hcsmIRL T5: What role does social media play in population health?

#hcsmIRL T6: How can social media be used to drive down the cost of quality care?

#hcsmIRL T7: In what ways can social media be used as a public health/research tool?

#hcsmIRL T8: What tips can be provided to add social media functionality to the patient portal?

#hcsmIRL T9: What are some innovative examples of healthcare providers using social media today?

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Learn more about what is going on at #HIMSS15 and be sure to download our Healthcare Industry Outlook Guides for both providers and health plans.

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