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The customer revolution has begun. Are you responding?

Digital technology is an active disruptor for marketers today and it’s leading to a great customer experience transformation. This rapid change is due in part to today’s customers having more choices, are better informed and are more empowered than ever before.
As noted in our recently published guide on customer experience transformation, the rising trends are creating disruption to the status quo. We are seeing that many companies are looking for benchmarks and insight into their customers to effectively drive better engagement and are looking for ways to answer critical questions like:CX_Overview_Collateral_cover_175

  • How effective are the experiences we offer our customers?
  • How mature are the systems we use to deliver customer experiences?
  • How do our experiences compare to those of our competitors?
  • How do  Trends are nice, but what about results?

For companies that have been focusing on CX and are identified as leaders, Gartner reports

  • 30% outperform S&P 500
  • 60% higher profits generated
  • 90% expect to compete on the basis of customer experience

Download your copy to learn more.

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Beth Martin

I work with our emerging solutions practices to ensure we have a powerful marketing strategy, value proposition and lead the go-to-market streams for the emerging partnerships within Perficient. With over 20 years in B2B marketing focusing on software & consulting , I help businesses optimize go-to-market activities including but not limited to strategic planning, messaging, advertising, collateral, events and content.

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