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Day 1 Adobe Summit – My favorites

Reporting to you live from Adobe Summit:
Picture of Adobe Summit 2015 Opening SessionDay 1 is complete!  Here is a list of my favorite things from today’s sessions:

  1. Seeing David Nuescheler “flick” an image from his mobile device over to a large touch screen device with a swipe of his hand was by far the coolest thing I saw today. Pretty cool stuff.
  2. Hearing Michael Lewis tell his Brad Pitt story of “Moneyball” was fascinating and hilarious!
  3. I attended the session on “Connected Experience from websites to wearables to wherever” with Rebecca Lieb from Altimeter Group.  Did you know that more people watch digital channels than they do TV?  See her presentation on SlideShare…really good.
  4. B_xAhXVWQAAc1WpIn that same session, someone asked whether the connected experience would leave behind the elderly. It was an interesting question and it made me ponder, especially now that my own parents are elderly.  It is clear that they are benefitting from the connected experience, but only in the form of healthcare. I don’t see my mother wearing an iWatch anytime soon, but for sure would wear technology that is dedicated to monitoring her health.
  5. AEM 6.1 is close to launch. During the lab today, I saw advances to managing personalized Experiences using a much better integrated Target and AEM solution. SOOO much more intuitive than 6.0.  I can’t wait to get back and share this with the team.
  6. In the community pavilion…Hub Scan, an analytics testing software, has convinced me that our current analytics testing methodology could use some work, and Gigya is offering a new and improved way of handing Identity Management as a SaaS solution. Pretty cool stuff!

More to come tomorrow. Stay tuned…

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