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Cloud Integration Patterns – iPaaS vs On Premise SOA Suites

To stay ahead of curve or to add cutting edge services quickly more and more enterprises are relying on cloud based solutions. As a result IT organizations are often crunched to quickly integrate these cloud based applications.  Cloud integrations should be

  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Robust
  • Flexible
  • Configurable

Questions are often asked about what integrations patterns enterprise should leverage to integrate cloud solutions. The answer varies based on variety of factors but there have been common patterns emerged over a period of time. Gartner have talked about Hybrid Integration patterns and platforms.

Here are the recommendations from Gartner

  • Use on premise integrations suites for complex mission critical projects that requires low-latency interactions and federate them with cloud integration technology to deploy interface for cloud to cloud or cloud to ground integrations
  • Use the Integration platform as Service component of hybrid integration platform as an alternative to deploying additional on-premise API management technology
  • Establish an elastically scalable API gateway that enables a single, secure connection to on premise services from the cloud
  • Use and Hybrid Integration Platform to support the implementation of the cloud-to-cloud integration interfaces required for composite that leverage the rapidly growing number of SaaS offerings



Figure : Hybrid Integration Platform

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