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Moving to the Cloud, does it take a leap of faith?

Decision makers today are all about the bottom line, how can we increase productivity while still lowering operational costs?  These are typically mutually exclusive goals, but does it have to be that way?  Reducing costs may not maximize profits, if we consider technologies that increase production efficiency and we agree that greater productivity is a direct result of increased collaboration.  Then it doesn’t take a leap of faith to consider that if we focus our efforts on providing better collaboration tools to connect our people, then we can achieve both goals with little risk.
Why focus on collaboration?
Collaboration is about people working together, the tools they use should be simple and secure while still enabling them to work from anywhere with anyone.  Perficient offers best-in-class collaboration capabilities using Google Apps suite of productivity tools, from the browser to your mobile device, in real time, and without security compromises. Today’s knowledge workers are global and multicultural, they want easy to use technology that not only works but is scalable and works seamlessly.  Let’s give them what they want, not just what they need, let’s make it simple, and let’s do it in a way that is scalable and cost effective.
Over 5,000 million businesses have gone Google for a reason!
“Millions of businesses trust Google to help them bring innovative technology to their business so people can work better together, from wherever.” Amit Singh President, Google for Work
Four key points that have helped these businesses decide to go Google:

  1. Increasing scale and innovation capabilities: Google operates on a massive global scale, there are no other solutions, built from the ground up for the cloud, that better integrate secure messaging and collaboration
  2. Reducing infrastructure and IT costs: Google Enterprise Apps solution is only $50 per user per year, there is no hardware or expensive administration, and your can access it from any Internet-enabled device.
  3. Increasing productivity: Google’s best in breed collaboration and document sharing makes it fun to work together.  The nightmare of document sharing and version control is over, and since staff actually use it, they stop storing information on their laptops.  This significantly decreases security issues due to lost or stolen laptops.
  4. Increase engagement:  Google Apps can be used and accessed from just about any device with a browser.  It can be used both online and offline, allowing staff the mobility to work all hours of the day from anywhere in the world without having to worry about access issues.

Who are these businesses?
They are Non-Profit, Education, Government, Fortune 500, Manufacturing, and Retail, they are small and big, and they are everywhere.  And here is what they are saying:

  •     We really wanted to make sure the tools that we are providing are going to work anyplace, anywhere, anytime. Google Apps allows us to blend that way of working into one cohesive environment, Jim Nielsen, Shaw Industries – YouTube Video
  •     By working together and staying organized with Google Docs, we converted 30% more leads. – David Bullock, YETI Coolers, Texas – YouTube Video
  •     We chose Google Apps because we are a 24 X 7 Operation, but we are also a multi-site organization.  So we need our employees to be able to access documents, emails, calendar information, and to collaborate whenever and wherever they are, Paul Clarke, Ocado Limited, London – YouTube Video
  •     In 20 minutes, I set up Google Apps and instantly connected our 30 managers, – Jacob Jaber, Philz Coffee California – YouTube Video

With these type of results, it really doesn’t take a leap of faith, it just makes sense.  If you would like to learn more about how Google for Work can increase collaboration for your organization please contact us, we can help.

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