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Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation – Webinar 2/25

Digital Transformation tenenhance-customer-experience-and-loyaltyds to have a slightly different meaning to different people, depending on how you ask.  Whether it’s cloud, customer experience, eCommerce, integration, CRM, digital marketing, mobile, collaboration, analytics or Big Data, most would agree, however, that digital transformation enables businesses to “see” their customers better and add value throughout the lifecycle.
There’s a reason that the first topic we will be covering in Perficient’s Digital Transformation webinar series (following the initial webinar which can be viewed here)  is, “How Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation.”  The customer experience is often the driving factor, the catalyst, in digital transformations, as mentioned on i-SCOOP:

Although digital transformation is not just about customer-facing functions, it’s clear that in many transformation projects, the customer experience is a key driver and catalyst. In more IT-oriented projects, the same goes for the user experience and user adoption. Actual usage and adoption in fact is essential to make such projects succeed.

When I think of customer experience and digital transformation, I immediately think of Sitecore. Sitecore is all about customer experience management and its .NET based platform – with many integrations—including Dynamics AX, Microsoft’s ERP platform, etc. — provide a single, connected experience and allow marketers to create great brand experiences with every customer who engages digitally. Things like persona development and personalized content make them a no-brainer in reaching consumers in the digital age.
Regardless of your platform preference, join us on Wednesday, February 25, at 1 p.m. CT to learn how and why you should give customer experience more thought, no matter where you currently are in your digital transformation initiative.
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