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How Integrating Siebel CTMS With Key Systems Makes Life Easier



It’s no secret that having a clinical trial management system (CTMS) streamlines and simplifies the running of clinical trials, and that Oracle’s Siebel Clinical (Siebel CTMS) is the most robust system in the space. But, when integrated with other key systems, it becomes exponentially more valuable. Intrigued? Then, read on.

Investigator Portal

When Siebel CTMS is integrated with your investigator portal, investigators and other site personnel can make updates to their own information: names, addresses, affiliated business, office hours, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Portals can even allow for Investigators to update site document, milestone, and activity information which automatically update key information in your CTMS.

Easier Life For: Clinical Administrators 

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

When Siebel CTMS is integrated with your EDMS or electronic Trial Master File (eTMF), essential documents, site contracts, and site visit reports can all be accessed directly through the Siebel CTMS interface. No need to open separate browser windows or log into multiple systems to see everything you need.

Easier Life For: Clinical Document Associates (CDAs), Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), and Study Managers

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System

When Siebel CTMS is integrated with your EDC system, it’s like a whole new world for your study teams. The integration automatically records screened and enrolled subjects, populates their informed consent dates, assigns them to treatment arms, updates their subject status, fills in dates for their completed visits, accounts for CRF pages, and lines up payment requests.

Easier Life For: Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Site Monitors, Study Managers, Clinical Finance, and Clinical Executives

Financial/Accounting System

When Siebel CTMS is integrated with your financial/accounting system, you might even find Clinical Finance cracking a smile. The integration automatically populates payment data in CTMS, such as payment date, payment amount, and check or transaction number. Adding a financial/accounting integration to a CTMS/EDC integration essentially automates the entire site payment process…although we recommend human intervention between payment request and payment approval, just to be safe.

Easier Life For: Clinical Finance, Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Study Managers, and Clinical Executives

To learn more about integrating Siebel CTMS or Perficient’s ASCEND CTMS, contact us.

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