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What is the Connected Consumer doing in 2015?

The Consumer Markets industry is definitely seeing its fair share of exciting innovations and changes.  With the consumer in control, brands and Connected Consumer3companies are vying for our attention and trying to outdo each other for our dollars.  Thinking about how far we have come in this industry, it’s important to be fun, to be nostalgic, and think about a time where shopping was not just an experience but sometimes an event.
It feels like just yesterday we were taking the bus or having our parents drop us off at the mall to meet our friends.  How we ever coordinated anything using beepers and pay phones seems impossible these days but we would meet and spend hours browsing the store windows and goofing around in the food court.  These were the type of social networks that existed for decades.  30 years ago, we would not be able to imagine today’s shopping experience much less the technology involved with mobile, social and digital revolutions that have reshaped every aspect of our lives.
Our consumer markets experts developed a webinar that discusses how the consumer has changed and what we can expect to come in the future.  With the power of information at our fingertips (mobile, tablets, etc), consumers spend more and more time on their devices. The rapid and steady adoption of these connected technologies, and the ripple effects on consumer behavior and habits, presents a new phenomenon and challenges for the consumer markets.
In this webinar, you will find out what is working and what is not in the industry and what you need to know about the Connected Consumer:

  • Exploration of our purpose
  • Qualifying and quantifying the nature, size and implications of the Connected Consumer in 2015
  • Seven capabilities every enterprise should be considering to stay competitive in the market

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