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Marketers Finally Get Google

This is more of a follow up to my post yesterday on Digital Marketing costing a lot and being worth it. has an article on marketers finally getting Google to the point where click through rates are up 19% year over year.

Global growth by search engine

Global growth by search engine

“Marketers are optimized almost fully on Google,” said Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst at ADI. “They are getting much better CTRs, and the CPCs are not as high as the CTRs are, in terms of growth. Marketers are also incorporating Yahoo Bing into their strategies, which is seeing an increase in SEM spend globally and in the U.S. Although spend is increasing, CTRs are still flat, showing that marketers haven’t yet optimized Yahoo Bing as effectively as Google—that’s obviously the next frontier. The other frontier is paid Facebook, which is currently in the acquisition phase, and marketers are fully entrenched and quickly becoming fully optimized.”

So take away a lot of marketing speak and simplify it………. Marketers spends an awful lot of money on Google Ads.  With the help of a variety of powerful tools and their own increased experience, they are seeing much better results……

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