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Digital Transformation

Cisco’s Chambers: Digital Disruption is an Opportunity for CIOs

Thanks to Robert Hardin, who both saw the article and wrote up a quick response with his thoughts.

digitalThe WSJ CIO Network (behind a paywall) recently published their top five initiatives for 2015. Outside of the growing concern around cyber security and the associated business risk, the next two focused on the impact that Digital Transformation is having on an organization, the CIO as a change agent and having a business-centric vision.  

In an interview at the same event, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, predicts that upcoming digital transformation will be so disruptive that 33% of all management teams will not survive the transformation.  He also acknowledged that IT is again growing in board room discussions because technology is so deeply embedded in business strategy.  

With technological change happening at a much greater pace, every area of the enterprise is being impacted by technology. Everyone and everything is becoming connected, and with it comes the challenges to leverage those capabilities to outperform their competitors. It is switching the focus from the products and services that we sell to the outcomes that our customers want from our products and services.

Digital transformation is changing the questions that we are trying to solve. Are we changing with them?  

See the Wall Street Journal for the entire article.

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