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IBM BPMv8.5.5 Install and Config Guide for Non-BPM Admin’s

The audience for this blog entry is the skilled WebSphere Application Server(WAS) admin who needs to setup IBM BPM.

The preferred way to setup IBM BPM is the BPMconfig command and the property files that are delivered with the IBM BPM product. But with little experience with IBM BPM the property files can be challenging.

The attached document is a visual guide to setting up IBM BPM 8.5.x using the WAS features that a skilled WAS admin is familiar with. Once the WAS Cell is built, the Deployment Environment Wizard is used to configure a clustered IBM BPM 8.5.x environment. I believe once a skilled WAS admin reads this document, the BPMConfig command and its property files become a whole lot easier to manage.

IBM BPMv8.5.5 Install and Config Guide for Non-BPM Admins (PDF)

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Chuck Misuraca, Technical Architect

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