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Attaching Files To Cases In Argus Safety

Attaching files to a case is an important aspect of case management work processes. Typically one would attach source documents here, such as a discharge summary report, a hospitalization record, patient laboratory records, etc.

Without formal integration to a document management system, it’s quite easy to maintain safety source documentation by attaching a file in Oracle’s Argus Safety. There are two ways to perform this task. One way mimics the way it’s done in Windows. The example below depicts how you can add an MRI file from your desktop to a case in just a few clicks.


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Once you’ve attached the file, it will be stored within the case entry form, as you can see in the image below. You can give a description of the attachment and add keywords, so that you can search for it later. You can even classify it as a particular type of source document or as an E2B attachment file for E2B transmissions.

Notice that, if you click on the small JPEG image, it opens up a separate window and displays the MRI file here on this screen.



Another option for file attachment is to store your image on a file share or in a document management system that can expose the file location as a proper HTTP web address. Assuming this, the image location can be entered as a HTTP/URL on the reference section of the case.


It’s worth mentioning that Argus Safety natively integrates with a variety of document management systems, such as Documentum, if that’s a requirement.

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