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IBM ConnectED 2015: Content Management for Mobile

Barry Pellas from PointSource spoke about several options for delivering content to mobile devices. Imagine you want to display a coupon to a user has they navigate your mobile app. But you also want to deliver that same coupon to someone browsing on a desktop browser. You don’t want to create two different coupons and manage them separately, so you want to use your IBM Web Content Manager to store and manage that content.

IBM WCM has all the tools you need to provide this content- it provides REST APIs to access content from a mobile app, it has integration with the personalization features with Portal, it can easily deliver pre-rendered content, and has caching facilities.


There are many considerations when looking to deliver mobile content. First what kind of application are you delivering or integrating with? You can have a responsive web site, a native mobile app, or a hybrid app. You also need to understand how users will consume content. Do they need offline storage? Is content catchable? Does the content need to be personalized?

Barry went through many options of how to integrate WCM into a variety of applications, including Worklight, single page architectures, open source stacks, JavaScript frameworks.

You can also use push notifications to mobile devices using IBN Xtify. The content you push can certainly be managed in WCM. Barry demo’d this capability by using an Xtify demo site and a WCM presentation template to format the notice to make it look really nice. The template in WCM included links to Twitter, images, etc.

There really is no limit to what you can do to deliver web content from IBM WCM to any mobile device, or integrate it with any mobile site, native app, or hybrid app.

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