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IBM ConnectED 2015: How We are Preparing

For companies interested in improving their digital experience and collaboration offerings with the world’s leading technology vendor, IBM ConnectED in Orlando, FL is the place to be. ConnectED is centered around trending topics such as cloud, social, and mobility that are evolving how employees work and consumers interact with their favorite brands. The name of the game is truly about providing a top-shelf customer experience, whether your customers are external or internal to your business.

440x220_2z_11-12So, how can you get the most out of your visit to the ConnectED conference? Network, network, network. Obvious, right? You may be surprised at the number of attendees at any given conference who let tunnel vision get the best of them. An attendee may be focusing on the latest software release that has huge implications for their industry. Or maybe taking notes on best practices to get your new IBM Connections implementation off the ground and fully adopted across your company is priority number one. Good, it should be, but don’t forget to make time to talk to your peers. The people around you at a conference can be just as valuable as the speakers of a session or vendors managing their booths. Perficient understands this and wants every attendee to take full advantage of our Business Development Executives, Solution Directors, and Executive team to create value for yourselves. Whether you are a former, current, or prospective client, or are simply looking for a few tips on your upcoming portal implementation from the guys that have been there hundreds of times before, please come network with us. We enjoy hearing what types of projects you have lined up and where you plan to take them in the future. Knowing what businesses of all sizes are doing to satisfy their needs makes us better at our job and provides more value to our clients.

I will be attending ConnectED next week and hope to speak with dozens of peers who are excited to learn and share their successes and failures. Additionally, I’d me more than happy to facilitate a discussion with one of Perficient’s subject matter experts at the conference. Perficient will be at ConnectED because you will be at ConnectED, and you are our greatest resource. So please, come talk to us. We’d love to hear what you have to say and share some of our knowledge in return. See you there!

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