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Uncover Hidden Value in Healthcare Data with IBM Watson

Healthcare companies in the digital age are now responsible for vast amounts of data. This data is created and acquired on a daily basis, and the volumes are increasing substantially with each patient visit or interaction.  Some information is stored in pre-determined, structured fields within Electronic Medical Records (EMR), claims or financial systems and is readily accessible with traditional analytics.  Other information, such as doctor’s notes, patient surveys, call center recordings and diagnosis reports is saved in a free-form, textual format and is rarely used for analytics due to the limitations of traditional business intelligence solutions.

shutterstock_152008829Experts suggest that up to 80% of enterprise data exists in an unstructured format, which means a large majority of critical data isn’t being considered or analyzed. Without accounting for this significant percentage of available information, healthcare organizations will find it challenging to make accurate and well-informed decisions that impact patient care and organizational operations.

Data Intelligence - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

With some guidance, you can craft a data platform that is right for your organization’s needs and gets the most return from your data capital.

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IBM Watson Content Analytics is designed to provide insight into your organization’s unstructured data, allowing you to understand and analyze the wealth of information contained within your textual data.  Using years of experience from hundreds of physicians, IBM has developed tools and healthcare accelerators that allow users to quickly gain insights from this “new” data source and correlate it with the structured data to provide a more complete picture.

Watson is a powerful new technology from IBM, representing the first wave of new cognitive systems that allow businesses to address challenges that were previously too time consuming or expensive to tackle. While the name “Watson” was popularized on Jeopardy several years ago, the most recent set of applications is designed for practical business use cases across a variety of industries, including healthcare. Watson Content Analytics specifically offers:

  • Platform for extensive analytics and search, allowing companies to easily access and aggregate from multiple information sources and content types
  • Enhanced natural language processing and query capabilities that more effectively extract facts, concepts, and sentiment from content
  • Social analytics and search

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar to discover the challenges of analyzing unstructured data in the Healthcare industry and how IBM Watson Content Analytics can help solve these challenges.

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