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3 Perficient Colleagues Share Their Professional Success Stories

shutterstock_196378274The beginning of a new year is always rife with opportunity for personal and professional development. It’s a time of renewed energy and ideas, a time to focus on improvement.
At Perficient, this momentum goes strong year-round, as colleagues are empowered every day to take their careers to new heights.
Perficient’s dynamic and ongoing growth provides colleagues with opportunities for success and advancement that aren’t found elsewhere.
As we move full speed ahead into 2015, two seasoned veterans and a budding professional share just how far they have been able to take their skills:
“After graduating from college and spending a few months in a corporate environment, I knew I had to change. When I was hired at Perficient, I came in with the expectation of being around for a few years, learning a bit and moving on to the next big thing.
“However, after a couple of years, I saw where Perficient was heading and the opportunities that I had in front of me and decided that this was going to be the place to build my career. I knew it would be tough to find a place that was growing like we were, allowed team members to be so involved in shaping the organization, and let me work with a variety of clients across the country. I’ve worked as an eBusiness consultant, senior consultant, project manager, senior PM, director, and now general manager. Perficient has given me the opportunity to say this is what I want to do and decide how I want to contribute while providing support and mentorship along the way to help make that a reality.”
John Spyers, General Manager, St. Louis – 14 Years with Perficient

Alex Levitina_1
“As a member of the rapidly expanding managed testing services team, I have been able to use my prior testing and leadership skills to develop and build relationships with both the team and the client. My previous knowledge of business testing helped me to assist in ramping up new employees for various projects.
“During the year and a half I have worked at Perficient, I have also made an effort to integrate myself in other projects whenever the possibility presented itself, and I am now in a position to provide continued high-quality value and offerings to my current and future clients. I am on track to become a seasoned business consultant and QA analyst, and have also been exposed to other career path opportunities such as business analysis, project manager, and others.”
Alex Levitina, Business Consultant, Ohio – 1 ½ Years with Perficient

Randy Shillman_1
“I joined a company called BoldTech Systems in 1998, which was acquired by Perficient in 2007. I had left BoldTech just prior to the acquisition to head up IT for a non-profit and returned to Perficient in 2009. My first role with BoldTech was as a developer. My career progressed through a fairly technical track of moving from developer to tech lead, architect, and later to pre-sales solution architecture and project leadership roles.
“When I rejoined Perficient in 2009, I came back to help grow the telecom vertical, where I later assumed the practice lead role. For years, I had toed the line between sales and delivery, and so in early 2012, I decided to take the plunge into the business development executive role and have not regretted it. The business development executive role has given me the opportunity to significantly broaden my industry and solution focus, while allowing me to directly lead relationships with clients (which is a passion), and add quantifiable value to Perficient.”
Randy Shillman, Business Development Executive, Denver – 5 Years with Perficient
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