What is Office Sway?

swayIn my first post today, I talked about Office Mix – new functionality to record audio and video for your PowerPoint presentations. Another new feature of the Office portfolio you probably haven’t heard about is Office Sway.

When your ideas are born, you want to explore, visualize and share them—quickly and easily, wherever you happen to be, and on whatever device you have. You want your ideas to be understood. Sway helps you do just that. It’s a new way for you to create a beautiful, interactive, web-based expression of your ideas, from your phone or browser.

I haven’t figured out the best way to describe this app yet. There’s really nothing comparable that I’ve seen on the marketplace for what this does. It’s kind of a mix of Photoshop and PowerPoint, but a totally new way to interact socially with your rich media assets. The best way to describe what Sway can do, is to watch the video below that Microsoft published. If you’d like a more textual description, check out the Office Blog.
The biggest question you may have around Mix and Sway is – Why? Microsoft is really stepping up the cloud game. With heavy competition from Amazon, Google, and others, Microsoft needs to innovate to stay ahead of the pack.
My colleague, Vaibhav Mathur, has been blogging all year around Office Delve and the Office Graph. In addition to Sway and Mix, this year’s new additions to the Office portfolio are revolutionary and currently unrivaled in the marketplace. With future integrations into OneDrive and SharePoint Online, Microsoft is just starting to scratch the surface of the types of apps that can be delivered in the cloud. I’m excited to see what 2015 brings for Office 365!! Check out my post tomorrow on the 10 reasons you’ll want to migrate to Office 365 in 2015.

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