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Azure & StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage – Webinar Recap

Since it’s inception in 2010, Microsoft Azure has continuously posted triple digit growth, and is the only major cloud service that consistently leads in both IaaS and PaaS. You can get more background on Azure in this recent Forbe’s article.hybrid2
There are many ways enterprises can take advantage of Azure, with one being hybrid cloud storage. Last week, we held our final Microsoft webinar of the year, Lower Cost and Complexity with Azure and StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Solutions. Simply put, StorSimple is a cloud-integrated storage (CiS) product that allows you to store commonly used data on premises and put more infrequently accessed data in Azure.
During the session, Perficient Director Adetayo Adegoke provided an overview of Azure’s technical storage capabilities, and showed how a hybrid storage appliance like StorSimple can give you massive amounts of capacity and added functionality, all while providing disaster recovery and reducing costs significantly. Tayo also reviewed the current storage solution architecture for most (i.e. on premises) and the situation that goes along with that traditional storage. Bottom line – storage today, in the traditional sense, is complex and expensive.
Tayo not only explained how hybrid cloud storage (HCS) solutions are less complexity at a reduced cost, he illustrated it, and also shared why he wouldn’t recommend a pure cloud storage solution (issues around integration, performance, and security).
Moving on, Tayo talked about the fundamental value of StorSimple, which connects Windows, Linux and Hyper-V/VMware servers to Azure storage in minutes with no application modification. He shared target use cases on when to use StorSimple,  and how HCS works conceptually, walking through the actual operations.
You can watch them webinar in its entirety (or skip ahead to a section of interest) by watching the replay available here.

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