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A Few More Of Our Favorite Apps For Salesforce

On December 19th I published the results of a poll we conducted with our expert Salesforce consultants about the apps we like to use when implementing a solution for a customer. While it was a very close race, Informatica, DocuSign, Conga, DemandTools and FormsAssembly bubbled to the top. The next “favs” reported by our team are below:

  • Drawloop: Frequently used to generate custom sales & service document packages with data dynamically merged from any object in Salesforce with any combination of Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF documents. Great for generating legal documents and sales orders. Easily integrates with DocuSign and EchoSign.
  • Pardot: We like Pardot so much, that we started to use it to execute our marketing campaigns. It is an easy-to-use marketing automation suite that helps sales and marketing departments team up to maximize efficiency and increase revenue. With Pardot, you can automatically track, score, and nurture prospects throughout the sales cycle.
  • DreamFactory Utilities Life Cycle Management: DreamFactory’s Snapshot tool lets Admins manage orgs with incredible efficiency and accuracy. Common use cases included conducting metadata comparisons between orgs, managing field-level security, pushing assets (similar to change sets), and generating usage reports on fields, pick list values and reports.
  • JobScience: Great solution for recruiting and applicant management. There are many features that simplify the whole process: candidate records can be created by emailing a resume to your org’s dedicated JobScience email address (similar to email-to-case); integrations with popular job boards allow applications to be automatically created when candidates submit job forms; and, JobScience is a native application so a workflow can be customized to meet an organization’s unique needs.


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