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Acceleration of Community Adoption

I found the following local egov infographic from Civic Plus somewhat relevant to understanding how to build and gain adoption of a customer or partner #Community in the private sector with a few important differences:

Community eGov

  • With today’s technology from, you can go from “emerging” to the “fully engaged” state in a matter of a few weeks, not over an elongated period time.
  •  To gain adoption, you don’t have to nurture your end-users by introducing a series of enhanced features and usability functions. You can launch a robust, collaborative Community with all of its possible “bells and whistles” at the gate.
  •  Of course, you should continue to add more to the Community based upon requests and the availability of new products, services, terms, etc. when they happen.

An important similarity between egov and the private sector is the notion to listen to your constituents/your customers to help make the right decisions in real-time given today’s open and socially transparent environment.

More information on Salesforce Community Cloud.

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