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Getting Started with Power BI, pt. 1

If you are an Office 365 customer, then you have almost certainly heard about — if not seen — Power BI.
The cloud-based analytics and collaboration platform from Microsoft has some pretty amazing features, and really extends the Microsoft BI platform not only into the cloud but into a more self-service oriented mode.   However, one of the challenges to getting up and running on Power BI has been, well, knowing how to get up and running!
And that’s where we come in.
Perficient has created a 4-part video series that provides step-by-step instructions for getting your Power BI instance working for you. From getting your Power BI Site set up, to administering it, and connecting your Power BI workbooks to on-premises data sources — this series has got you covered!
First up, let’s take a look at Part 1: Gaining Access to Power BI
This video takes a look at the basics: what Power BI Sites are, how they work, how to personalize the Power BI experience. And it just touches on administration and the Power BI Admin screen.

For more on administration and related goodies, stay tuned as we continue this series later this week…. Cheers!

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Andrew Tegethoff

Andy leads Perficient's Microsoft BI team. He has 16 years of IT and software experience with a primary focus on Enterprise Information Management solutions using the Microsoft Data Platform.

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