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What is the Opposite of Play?

As part of my daughter’s reading assignment for school, she has to answer quiz questions to test her reading comprehension. Last night, one of the questions was:
What is the opposite of play?What is the opposite of play?
a) work
b) swim
She paused before she answered and looked to me for assistance. I knew what the “correct” answer was, but I didn’t agree with the logic behind it.
I told her that the answer they were looking for was “work,” but that it really isn’t the opposite of play.¬†Play is anything that you do for fun and if you choose wisely and follow your skills, work and play can quickly become synonyms, not antonyms.
Learning is fun. Advancing your skills is fun. Even making mistakes can be fun if you learn from them.
So…that leads us to the original question. What is the opposite of play?
For me, it would be boredom. What would it be for you?

Thoughts on “What is the Opposite of Play?”

  1. For me personally, the opposite of play is generally when you’re no longer having fun. If fun is defined as growth, satisfaction and feeling engaged, then it becomes easier to define both in professional and other contexts.
    Great topic, Sharon!

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