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Cyber Intrusions are Rapidly Reaching a Tipping Point. Have You?

This is the first year I have felt more than a little uncomfortable shopping online and even handing over my credit card while in my favorite stores. I am one of the millions that have been affected by one of the many cyber-attacks that have occurred this year. It is very clear that cyber criminals are more organized and better equipped than ever before—and they continue to evolve their strategies in order to undermine even the strongest protections. You cannot turn on the TV and not hear about another breach of security somewhere in the world. Here are some startling statistics:

12 cyber-crime victims per secondcyber attack
1,400 is the average number of attacks on a single organizations over the course of a week
• The average Cyber threat goes undetected for 8 months
• The average cyber-attack can in the US cost an organization $11million USD
• A security breach can cost an organization millions in dollars, not to mention the effect on that organizations reputation
71% customers will switch banks due to fraud
46% customers are leaving/avoiding companies with a security breach

The level of angst circulating in business and government circles caused by huge financial losses from cyber intrusions suggests we are rapidly reaching a tipping point. Have you reached yours?  Do you feel like you have a complete picture of the cyber threats to your organization?   How effective have you been in determining your infrastructure weaknesses?

As a premier partner with IBM we have asked their experts in IBM Counter-Fraud to join us on December 9th to share some incredible success stories in several organizations across multiple industries. In addition, we will review the four key phases of the fraud life cycle and how we have helped complete hundreds of successful data initiatives, ranging from small municipalities to large enterprises. With our clients, we are redefining value and success in data and intelligence and helping to build a smarter intelligence industry.

It’s time to stop the bad guys with IBM Smarter Counter Fraud and Perficient – join us to learn how!

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