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Branding Siebel CTMS To Match Your Company’s Look And Feel [VIDEO]

We’re all users of software. Put us in front of two systems – one that looks outdated and unorganized, and one that looks good and structurally makes sense – and I bet you’d gravitate to the latter one. In fact, although I didn’t conduct a poll, I’m sure we’d all choose the latter. It’s not rocket science.

That gut instinct is something that usability experts have been talking about for decades: a great way to increase the user adoption of a software system is to brand the system to match your company’s look and feel. Give it the same colors. Put your logo on it. Match your company’s font preference. And, so on. Giving it that familiar look and feel will help make users more comfortable with the system, which will encourage them to use it more.

The video above shows you how simple it is to change the branding or theme in Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), whether the theme is one that comes out-of-the-box or one that’s custom-developed.

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Caroline Abkar

Caroline is an accomplished IT consulting professional with over a decade of experience implementing IT solutions for various industries, including life sciences, financial services, and telecommunications. As a lead business consultant in Perficient's dedicated life sciences practice, she helps design and deliver cost-effective clinical trial management solutions for her clients. Caroline is a hands-on project manager who keeps her team on track and clients' success at heart.

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