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Why Interviewing is Like Playing a Game of Baseball

Interviewing is a lot like the game of baseball. The initial interview with a talent acquisition specialist, or anyone for that matter, is the most vital to get on base, or get an “in” with the company.
Interview_BaseballWhen you first step up to the plate, you are not trying to hit a home run by getting a job offer. You just need to make contact and show the interviewer that you are worth looking into and are qualified to meet their needs. You want to make an impression that will get you on base, or to a second interview. If you try to swing for the fences, the pressure you put on yourself will be too great. You risk striking out and sitting on the bench, waiting for the next job opportunity.
Now, if I were to ask you, what is your objective once you are on base, what would you say? Get home (get the job), right? Actually, the answer is, “no.” You want to stay on base and continue to advance from one interview to the next. That way, when the hiring manager tells you on your fourth interview that they want to bring you in one more time, your mindset should be that you are still in the game.
Once you’re in the game, enjoy the process. When it comes down to it, interviewers are just trying to get to know you. The more relaxed you are (within professional boundaries, of course), the more opportunities you have to succeed in any interview – and ultimately get to home plate.

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Scott_Albert_150Perficient Talent Acquisition Specialist Scott Albert has 15 years of experience in career development, corporate recruiting and public speaking. He frequently contributes career advice to the Life at Perficient blog. Past articles have included Why High-Value Questions are Critical in a Job Interview and Why Interviewing is Like Playing a Game of Baseball.
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Perficient Talent Acquisition Specialist Scott Albert has more than 15 years of experience in career development, corporate recruiting and public speaking.

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