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Is Technology the Key to a Happy Holiday?

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The holiday season is upon us. I can see it most prominently through the endless commercials during kids shows followed immediately by the voice of my child screaming, “PUT THAT ON MY LIST!”
Is Technology the Key to a Happy Holiday?The other place where I’m being bombarded is through my email. Every morning for the past week, I have received countless alerts for early Black Friday Sales.
It’s officially showtime for the retail industry, but there is no reason for consumers to be stressed. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, this could be the most restful holiday season ever.
According to a recent survey from YuMe Inc, about 7 in 10 (68%) of consumers plan on doing most or all of their holiday shopping online. This was a big trend last year as well. Remember the UPS drama last year where gifts weren’t arriving on time because of an unprecedented number of  last minute online orders? They are addressing that issue this year by hiring 10,000 more temporary workers than they had in 2013.
If consumers do as much shopping as the survey predicts, rather than running from store to store in snow and ice to battle large crowds in search of the perfect gift, they can tuck their children into bed, slip on their slippers and do their all of their shopping while sugar plums dance in their children’s heads, leaving all of December to visit family, attend gatherings, bake cookies and make memories.
Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year!

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