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.NET 2015 is coming! And then some

Yesterday in New York at Microsoft’s Connect(), a virtual event for developers focused on current and future technologies, Microsoft did what a lot of us in the developer community have been waiting for and  [finally] announced that the next .NET release is coming!
But wait, as the late night TV pitchman says, there’s more. There was an announcement from Microsoft Corporate VP of the Developer Division, Soma Somasegar and Miguel de Icaza of the Mono Project that the “open sourcing the full server-side .NET Core stack, from ASP.NET 5 down to the Core Runtime and Framework”. Visual Studio will be opened to all developers including those developing on Linux and OS X platforms with Visual Studio Community 2013,  a new, free and fully featured edition of Visual Studio. Both the open source .NET project and Visual Studio Community are available for download today.
Just think, it’s now possible to write apps that have a Windows UI, but run on a Mac natively .  >)  (Yes, that is an evil smiley).
Here  is the announcement on  Soma Somasegar’s blog.

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