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Informatica: Money Data Type Doesn’t Get Accurate Value in Target

Problem Description:

Several days ago when I ran a PowerCenter session, I encountered an issue of populating column value of money data type from one Microsoft SQL Server table to another. For example, the original source value is 1234.1250, but after I loaded it to another table, it became 1234.1136.

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In Informatica, the column data type is set to money in source and target table definition. And we set it to decimal (19, 4) in middle transformations because there is no money data type in transformation.


To resolve this issue, we could enable the high precision property in the session properties. This ensures that the data type is processed to a precision of 28.

You can do the following:

  1. Go to Properties tab of session and scroll down to Performance area.
  2. In the Performance area, select the box against the option Enable high precision.


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