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Life at Perficient

Innovation that Boosts Both Clients and Careers

Marin Richeson, a senior business consultant in Perficient’s Life Sciences practice, writes about why she loves her job.
During my tenure in Perficient’s Life Sciences practice I have worn many hats: business analyst, project manager, project estimator, proposal writer, process improver, trainer, instructional designer, product developer, marketing writer, quality assurance analyst, validation analyst …

Marin Richeson

Marin Richeson

The fact that I get to do so many different things is one of the main reasons I like working at Perficient. I never get bored, I always have things to contribute, and I am continually adding to my skills set.
One particular project that showcases the variety I experience in my job was with an innovative biopharmaceutical company in New York called MannKind Corporation. MannKind selected Perficient’s clinical trial management system (CTMS) accelerator, ASCEND, to replace its existing CTMS.
My role in the project? Try roles, plural. During the bidding stage, I helped write responses to RFP questions and I estimated the project time and cost. After MannKind decided on Perficient for the project, I served as project manager, workshop facilitator, business analyst, training developer, on-site trainer, press release writer, and case study writer. Once the project ended, I provided application support and served as business developer for future enhancements.
But here’s the part that’s really awesome. Because I was involved in the bidding stage, I was able to design how the project would run (within the bounds of our documented procedures, of course), and I chose to try something we had never done: I divided the work into logical chunks and figured out how to run those chunks largely in parallel.
Why was this so exciting? Well, while it did make managing the project rather complicated, running the work streams in parallel resulted in delivering a usable system in just a matter of weeks, and MannKind’s custom configurations and integrations went live just a few weeks after that.
To put this in perspective, this kind of project would have normally taken as long as 12 months, running all of the work streams back-to-back. But all of MannKind’s work streams were released in just three months – all validated, all integrated with Active Directory, and all hosted and managed by Perficient in a private cloud.
At the end of the project, I admit, I was tired. But was I ever satisfied. And my client was over the moon! It was an amazing experience to have the latitude to design something new, try it out with a real client, and see it actually work. I’m incredibly grateful to my management team for trusting me to wear so many hats, especially that of Innovator.
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Kristin Brashares

Kristin Brashares serves as Digital Senior Marketing Manager at Perficient and is a proud member of the Women in Tech ERG.

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