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Chris Brogan: Quotes for Freaks Who Shall Inherit the Earth

Are you a freak?
“Why would I want to be a freak?” you might ask.
New York Times bestselling author and sought-after conference speaker Chris Brogan thinks the freaks shall inherit the earth. In fact, he believes that so strongly, he wrote a book about it.
Chris thinks that in our hyper-connected world where almost anyone has access to people, information, and resources, freaks have unique characteristics that make them actually more likely to succeed than “normal” folk.
What does Chris mean by a “freak” in this context?

Chris Brogan: What Is a Freak?

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Brogan what is a freak click to tweet
That’s what Chris Brogan told Eric Enge during a recent video interview for our Digital Marketing Excellence Show. We’ve grabbed a set of Chris’s most interesting quotes from that show and posted them for you to enjoy and share below.

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Everyone’s a media star

Chris Brogan says gatekeepers are losing their power in an age where anyone can create and promote media online. More and more people will be writing things like “YouTube Celebrity” under “occupation” on their tax forms.

Chris Brogan: Everyone's a media star now

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Chris Brogan YouTube Celebrity Tweet

Don’t Make “Can’t” the Next Thought After “Challenge”

Chris Brogan says that it amazes him how quickly we respond “can’t” when hearing of a challenge or opportunity. Freaks say, “Why not?” or “Let’s try it.” A freak rejects the notion of “failure is not an option” and instead fails quickly and often in order to learn, iterate, and come closer to success.

Chris Brogan: Never say can't

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Brogan: Never say can't (tweet)

The Best Case Study: Try It Yourself

Chris Brogan says too many ideas never get launched into reality because we sit around waiting for someone else to prove it can be done. “Better than a case study,” Chris recommends, “Try it for yourself and see if it works.” Freaks know it’s the only way to learn.

Chris Brogan: Best case study is trying it yourself

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Chris Brogan: Better than a case study is trying it yourself

Spread Ownership

Chris Brogan says that large companies will gain a big advantage in market responsiveness if they instill and support a sense of ownership down to the lowest levels of the company. Owners feel empowered to make the quick decisions at the level where they are positioned best to see the situation.

Chris Brogan on distributing ownership in an organization

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Chris Brogan on employee ownership (Tweet)

Empires Fall

“Empires fall,” says Chris Brogan. “That’s the only thing you can assure yourself: Empires fall.” There is no such thing as too big to fail. TV networks. Airlines. Record companies. All these and more have been toppled by fast moving, unafraid, motivated freaks.

Chris Brogan: Empires Fall

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Chris Brogan: Empires Fall (tweet)

Business Is About Belonging

“When you accept that you no longer have to fit in,” says Chris Brogan, “you can accept that business is about belonging.” You’ll get far more business by making people feel like they are part of (and want to be part of) what you do than by overcoming objections.

Chris Brogan: Business is belonging.

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Chris Brogan: Business is belonging (tweet)

Success Is Not About the Tools

“Success is not about the tools,” says Chris Brogan. “No one ever asked Hemingway what kind of pencil he used.” The right tools for the job are important, but obsessing over them can get in the way of doing the job.

Chris Brogan: Success is not about the tools

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Chris Brogan: Success isn't about the tools (tweet)

All 8 Quotes in One Infographic

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Chris Brogan Quotes for Freaks


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Complete Video Interview with Chris Brogan


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