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Yammer’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that you can use Yammer pretty much without even touching your mouse? Yammer, first and foremost, is focused on bettering the user experience and making it more friendly to more people. That’s why there are several keyboard shortcuts to help you delete messages, like posts, and even switch between pages, all without taking your hands off of your keyboard.  To see a list of all Yammer’s shortcuts, simply hold shift and press the question mark button on any Yammer page. As pictured below, a list of all of Yammer’s keyboard shortcuts shows up.

Full list
List of Yammer Shortcuts
Just to clarify, the shortcuts listed above, will only work if you are on the page that the shortcut is listed under. For example, if you click u (Mark as Unread) in anything but inbox messages all you will be doing is fruitlessly pressing a button and waiting for something to happen. However, these shortcuts if used correctly can save a lot of time and make Yammer a much more effortless platform. My personal favorite is that whenever I need to search for something, rather than navigating to the search bar and clicking it, I always press the “/” key.
Ease of access is a key component in driving Yammer adoption, and these shortcuts can go a long way towards showing people who might be concerned about using a new platform that Yammer isn’t hard to use after all.

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