Dreamforce: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Keynote

In the Marketing Cloud Keynote at Dreamforce, the team showed off the capabilities of the Marketing cloud. Marketing Cloud has 5 pillar applications that allow marketers to connect 1:1 with customers:

  • Journeys
    • Journey Builder is the flagship component that you use to create customer journeys
    • Marketing Cloud announced Journey Builder for Apps.  This new feature can embed Journey Builder right into your applications.  With the capability, your app can be included in a journey and can integrate with all the other apps within the journey.  This feature looks to be a differentiator from other journey building applications.

  • Contacts – the Marketing Cloud includes the following major features.  Live Nation, for example, maintains 4,000 attributes for their contacts.  Each of these attributes can be used to target content to each customer.
    • Contact management
    • Segmentation
    • Events & triggers
    • Predictive Intelligence
  • Content – through the cloud Marketers can manage content for all the channels and incorporate that content into the 1:1 customer journey across all the channels.
    • Asset Management
    • Workflow Approvals
    • Versioning Tools
  • Channels – all the following channels are tied together in the Marketing Cloud.
    • Email
    • SMS
    • Push
    • Social
    • Advertising
    • Web Experiences
    • Group Messaging
  • Analytics – all the channels are tracked in the analytics tools.  All the components are integrated to and from the analytics.  For example, if you see something in a report, you can instantly create a new journey to address the issue.
    • Reporting
    • Dashboards
    • We & Mobile Analytics

Social Studio is a new product based on Radian 6 and Buddy Media.  This product includes social analytics, publishing, customer care and engagement.  McDonalds wanted to connect their customers to their 14,000 stores using Facebook.  Imagine trying to manage 14,000 Facebook pages!  McDonalds uses Social Studio to manage the publishing process as well as the analytics.  When a customer engages with McDonalds through Facebook and Twitter, McDonalds monitors and participates in the conversations through Social Studio.

McDonalds groups stores into regions and uses central marketers to create compelling content.  Regional marketers can then tailor the brand message to the region or local store using the same tool.

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