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Successful Partner Communities with Salesforce

Zero Motorcycles needed a way to consolidate multiple partner-facing systems into a simplified user interface, track sales and monitor participation programs and automate workflows. As we’ve seen from other customers, partners had to login to multiple systems. Using Community Cloud, Zero was able to provide one interface for the partners to login into and get information and process leads and improve sales.

Zero’s original model was B2C, thinking that consumers would order electric motorcycles on the net. But that didn’t work out and Zero found out they needed dealerships to provide test rides and provide customer engagement.

Now Zero uses the website to provide leads to the dealers and then uses the partner community to interface with the dealers. They can track demo rides, monitor dealer inventory, and receive orders from the dealers for company-owned bikes. Zero uses Salesforce1 mobile to keep employees engaged throughout the process.

AT&T’s Sara Straley talked about AT&T’s Emerging Business Markets. They foster thought leadership using open and collaborative programs. They launched the AT&T Partner Exchange in 90 days. The exchange allows AT&T to collaborate with solution providers, answer questions in near real-time, provide self-service and promote solution selling. The partners resell AT&T solutions to other businesses.

Some of the capabilities of the AT&T partner community include:

  • Groups
  • Ideas
  • Topics of interest
  • Newsroom
  • Directories
  • Answers
  • Collaboration

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