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Dreamforce: New Journey Builder Features in Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been a long-time player in marketing automation.  Journey mapping is probably the number one feature requested by companies who want to implement 1:1 marketing based on data coming in from their various marketing assets.

When a new customer registers a new product, what do you do?  Most companies probably do nothing.  How about when a customer calls your customer service center with a problem that you help them solve.  Your followup is …?  Most companies probably don’t followup.  What if your customer posts a message on Twitter praising your product – what do you do next?

A journey map is basically a workflow for how to communicate with a customer.  After they register a product on your website, you want to send them a welcome message and a coupon for an add on component.  After they’ve called the support center, you send an SMS after 3 days to make sure everything is still working OK.  

We can automate these actions through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud by building journey maps using the new Journey Builder. Journey Builder was announced over the summer, but now at Dreamforce 2014, the Marketing Cloud is making all the new features available.

Some of the new features include connecting the Journey Builder to the other parts of the Salesforce ecosystem, including the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud.  This is really important because other vendor offerings are often not integrated with other systems and it takes a lot of work to feed information from all over your company to drive marketing efforts.

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