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I’ve Got 99 Problems and Privacy Is One

Privacy breaches in online security are growing exponentially, and all I can say is, “I’ve got 99 problems, and privacy is one.”  It’s an issue we’re slowly being forced to worry about. Whether it deals with stealing your identity or the personal content on your mobile device, lack of privacy is a problem many are currently experiencing. Due to all of the recent hacking/invasion of privacy incidents, some wonder if privacy will slowly become obsolete in the future.  While that may not quite be the case, it’s something to think about.
Is Privacy a Problem?
heartbleedThere have been a variety of situations that have recently occurred, forcing the argument of whether or not privacy is a problem or not.  These situations include everything from the Heartbleed Bug to the leaks of intimate celebrity photos.
The most recent incident involves Apple putting U2’s new album, “Songs of Innocence”, into everyone’s iPhone (go ahead and check your music library).  This PR attempt failed miserably and has forced Apple to issue official instructions on how to remove the album.  Now, whether you love or hate Bono is irrelevant.  The fact that Apple placed music in your mobile device without permission is a definite indicator that invasion of privacy could be getting out of hand.
Food for Thought                                                                               
You may be reading this and thinking, “Big deal, I got a free album,”- but did you just get a free album?  Or was your privacy violated?  Apple just put a product in your phone without asking your permission –  so what else might they be able to access without your knowledge?  Bet you didn’t think about that one. If you did, we had a similar thought process, and you are highly intelligent.  Nonetheless, invasion of privacy is very real and it’s something that you may want to be aware of!
What You Can Do
Although it may seem overwhelming, there are pre-cautionary steps you can take to limit your privacy risk.  In all of the social sites/applications that you use, always check the privacy settings to ensure that your information is being shared only with the people you want.

Status Update

The #1 rule: Always be conscious of what you share.  If you are worried about sharing something, don’t share it.  Too often, people worry about sharing something, post it anyway, and then end up regretting it.
When it comes to intimate photos and sharing, think of it as being given to everyone to see.  That isn’t necessarily the case, but it can potentially spread further than you had intended. Although you may take every possible step in being private, be mindful that there is always a chance of your information being leaked.  Keep yourself protected – don’t let privacy become one of your problems.

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