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Oracle OpenWorld: When Social Data = Opportunity

Disparate data creates marketing complexity and lost revenue.  82% of enterprise marketers have no synchronized view of customer data.  The promise of having a 260 degree view of a customer is beautiful but it represents a big challenge.

  • first party data – from you
  • send party data- from your partners in the same ecosystem
  • third party data – from third parties
  • It’s difficult to stitch it all together.

shutterstock_156141593The opportunity

58% of marketers agree that social data is important to the business

52% collect little or no data.  They aren’t even taking the first step.

In this scenario, it leads to missed opportunities and under-performing cross-channel spend.

Seizing The Opportunity

Modern marketers must shift from a focus on campaigns to a customer focus.  By doing so you will:

  • Gain better insights into the customer experience
  • Orchestrate individualized, relevant content
  • Unify data to better target the right customers

To do this, you need to take multiple data sources and aggregate them into a single centralized platform.  (this implies that the data has been correlated and cleansed.)  Having and using this data allows you to understand your customers more and to micro-segment them with different products, events and even sub-brands.  This info gives you

  1. Extend your understanding by creating models of these users
  2. Utilize key attributes to tailor messaging
  3. Re-message audience in media with targeted ads

Marriott Rewards

Michelle Lapierre, senior director of Customer Experience & Social Media at Marriott Rewards, spoke about what they are doing. They have 47 million members and grow by millions of members a year.  They have some other accolatdes which includes the fact that Marriott trust Marriott the most of any loyalty program in the hospitality industry.  It’s been recognized as the best program for 7 years in a row.


Be BBQ worthy.  MR feels they have to give you some sort of experience.  “I want you to invite us to your BBQ”  Have to have a conversation with the users.  It’s the question Michelle asks her people.  The second things she pushes is to “stop with the me-me-me already”  Don’t insult you by pushing the brand until you are ready to know about it, then give them information.

Great quote: you don’t think about what hotel you stay at first.  You think about your core need


Marriott Rewards needs to find new members. You have to have a crisp, fast, and effective method.  Oh yes, it has to be cheaper too.

Michelle showed how they went to market in January  / February last year.  Her review of it: Because yawn.  The retargeting campaign broke her rules and went with a corporate approach. After failing twice with the preferred vendors, Michelle went to her boss and said she can do better with a better cost per acquistiion.  To do this she used:

  • 8 creatives
  • 3 offer types
  • 3 countries
  • 3 buttons
    • learn more, join now, no button
    • No button is the best test result btw
  • 14 tests

The three approaches included a more fun approach to what people do on vacation. She asked people for fan photos and used the funniest;  Results:

  • Acquisition up 10x
  • CPA lowered by 65%
  • Conversion > 2.5%

Member Engagement

The responsibility of friendship, it’s more than just issue resolution.  If you are a friend, you will interact not just when you are ticked off.  It’s Marriott’s 30th birthday.   To Michelle’s philosophy she puts on surprise parties for nominated people.  The results have been awesome.

The video was touching. Note that nowhere did they mention Marriott hotels but it has had really good engagement.


Great way to end the session.

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