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How the Connected Consumer Has Changed the Game for the Consumer Markets Industry

Connected Consumers use the power of information to drive prices down, yet demand a very high level of service.  Whether it is utilization of a smart phone, home computer, work computer, iPad or tablet one can connect and engage with brands no matter your location – dubbing the consumer as the “always on” or “connected” consumer.  Marketers have been given the opportunity to build convenience and value into a strong omni-channel strategy and customer experience.  They are able to tailor specific promotions, strategies and experiences to specific consumers or consumer segments, personalizing the customer experience.  Marketers must transform complex data into simple operations while still generating insights and service responses that will satisfy customer’s demanding expectations.  To improve consumer engagement, marketers must capture consumer behavior in order to integrate a seamless experience across channels and touch points, to allow for more personalized experience (offers and interactions).  Perficient has the ability to combine business and technology expertise and provides solutions to connect core enterprise applications, digital commerce and analytics that help our clients transform the consumer relationship through meaningful and personalized experiences.Connected Consumer2
Our Consumer Markets practice has published a new Perspective discussing who the connected consumer is and how he/she has changed the industry for consumer products companies and retail organizations.  Michael Forhez, a practice director within the Consumer markets practice, who with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and management consulting, provides insight and thought leadership into the connected consumer behaviors, their impact on the industry, and the challenges/opportunities that consumer product companies and retailers are now facing.

The challenge for many traditional marketers is inventing wholly new views of what it means to consume or, more accurately, how we choose to consume. This will require daily insights, driven by Big Data, paired with advanced analytics, to understand who I am, contextualized by what and when I purchase. This is a seismic shift, which will require strategies for creating a meaningful and lasting relationship versus re-inventing early-age technology used in mass media like television, radio and print; all three of which are in various stages of re-invention.

Click here to read more on the connected consumer and the consumer markets industry challenges and opportunities in our latest Perspective.

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