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What’s a Mobile Simulator? An Intro to iPadian

What is a Mobile Simulator?

A mobile simulator is a software application for a personal computer that creates a virtual machine version of a mobile device, such as an iPhone, or other smart phone, on the computer.1 The mobile simulator allows the user to use features and run applications on the virtual mobile on their computer as though it was the actual mobile device. A simulator can be simply termed as a model for analysis. But in the case of an emulator, it can be used on the basis or particle-oriented purpose, or it can be substitution in case of the original device purpose. It is there to give you an idea about how something works.

An emulator will always compile code and try executing it.

A simulator is very similar to an interpreter in that it actually executes the real code in line by line to mimic original behavior of that device.

The differences between an emulator and a simulator:

  • Its difference in Focus when it comes for justification. TheSimulator it tries to duplicate the behavior of that particular device. The Emulator will always try to duplicate the inner workings of the device.
  • An emulator is an alternative to the real system but a simulator is used to optimize, understand and estimate the real system.

Popular Emulator and simulator for example:

  • Opera emulator
  • Opera mini simulator
  • iPadian
  • Android Emulator
  • Iemu

Introduction to iPadian Simulator:

iPadian is an open source project and its most one of the popular application that bring iOS user interface to Microsoft Windows, giving an iPad kind of feeling for your PC . The real beauty of this system is, it does not make any changes to your computer. Instead of that , it is a stand-alone desktop application for Windows, that opens up a screen which look like an iPad user interface, but still working with your Windows files and applications only.

Installation process and running:

Step 1 : Download iPadian Emulator or refer this URL for Downloading .

Note : Adobe AIR file is required for the iPadian to Run if not the app will not run. , so make sure of its presence .

Step 2 : Run iPadian.exe File


Step 2 : This is your iPadian Window and now it’s the visual treat of the iPadian windows with N number of applications .


This is your iPadian Simulator …

Step 3 : Search with the required URL to be Tested .


Start testing your Web Application now.

In the point of real and true sense, iPadian is not an iOS emulator. It just simulates iOS user interface on your Windows PC. It act as a desktop application and is not a true emulator that allow you to run any iPad apps on Windows computer. iPadian provides access to a virtual app store that gives the feeling you are using iOS app store but behind the scenes it is just a packaged set of apps that run on Windows. You will not be able to play your iPad apps or access iTunes on your computer using this software. It has nothing to do with iOS

I would like to share a Troubleshooting Problem that has been faced in iPadian:

Adobe air without this, iPadian Doesn’t Work .

This is the warning that has been received while running the file.


Details of some emulator and Simulator that which I worked are given below.



I hope this article can support at the time when you start hands-on Simulator devices.

This is just a base. Happy testing!


1 – Wikipedia 

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