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A Sky High View of Oracle Social

80% of customers purchase based on social and digital behavior. This impacts every part of the customer journey. It impacts learning, customer service and even advocacy.  This changes the role of the CMO to be less about brand and more about relationships.  So that also means that marketing has to think about product edcuation, sales, loyalty, etc.

socialThink of the implications of social: one tweet was promoted 300,000 times for a bad customer experience at an airline.  The airline didn’t react.  They only had 9-5 support for social.

Another example: Maersk hit a whale with their ship.  Pictures showed the whale on the front of the ship.  Maersk was open about the experience and received accolades for how they handled the story.

Bottom line: customers don’t care about your org chart. They don’t care about your title. They care about how you treat them and about how you give them answers to questions.

Oracle Social is part of the overall customer experience (CX) world.  The list of acquisitions and new products is huge.

Oracle Social Vision

It must be

  • Comprehensive and global
  • customer centric
  • Integrated and extensible

How do they do it?

  1. Social engagement and monitoring
    1. categorize what’s being aid
    2. route the info
    3. Identify influencers
    4. Direct personal engagement when needed
    5. Term analysis
  2. Social Marketing
    1. Hyper targeted publishing
    2. Multi-network support
    3. Leading configurable analytics
    4. Global distributed workflows
  3. Social Network
    1. In-context collaboration
    2. real-time
    3. shared intelligence
    4. Modern content sharing
    5. My add: they do it across multiple products
  4. Social Data
    1. gather new contacts
    2. enrich and analyze data
    3. Look alike audiences
    4. Integrated with Sales cloud


Christy gave a dev of some products.  Here is what she showed:

  • Look at what’s being said
    • find other topics like your original topics
  • Compare toipcs, look at sentiment, do time analysis
  • Social listening has a self-categorization so you can see them in the awesome, netural, hate, and other categories.
  • From the UI, you can reply to earned and owned (facebook page for example).  Reply, etc.
    • You can do a lot of filtering by things like customer service (self-categorized)
    • Integrates with all the service apps including Oracle Service cloud
  • There is a publishing applications so you can schedule posts across multiple channels
    • This can include a workflow for approval before approval
  • New stuff
    • Social Stations – customize your SRM experience.  Make your own dashboards.
      • they showed marketing exec summary, PR dashboard, etc.
      • The marketing summary showed key KPI and as it states, it was a summary.
        • The view also has a notes module to add more info from the oob kpi’s provided
      • You can add, drag to a new location, use half and full width views, etc.
      • You can add new modules yourself by choosing the network source, streams, etc.   It’s pretty configurable what you want to grab and report.  This includes reporting on date ranges.
      • You can even annotate the KPI itself.  So if there is a spike in activity, you can annotate that spike and give her your view on it.
      • Each social station is shareable. or private
    • Intelligence Center
      • Shows you in real time who is saying what about a topic.
      • Tell you who the influencers are.
      • Tells you gender breakdown, volumes, network origin, etc.
      • They also categorize with a themes view that shows what’s being send and puts them in a visual format with sub-categorizes.
      • This view also tells you about volume and whether it’s on topic or off topic
    • Integration with Oracle Commerce
      • You can create a custom audience based on topic and segmentation
      • The Oracle Commerce integration allows you to define a segment in the commerce product and then send them to facebook and place ads against them. You do this by creating a custom audience in Oracle Social.

Note: You can Google Oracle Social Roadmap for what’s coming. They are transparent.

What Else is New?

  • Paid media partnerhisp
  • SRM mobile
  • Linked in Supprot
  • and a bunch of others that they skipped by

GM Case Study

They gave a video on how GM uses social. They have a social intelligence center.

  • The social media command center has large monitors all around
  • GM has over 20 facebook pages and over 400 channels
  • 500 people touch social around the globe for GM
  • 40% of the things on facebook have global content
  • The command center came about because of the need to relate to the customer and not from 400 silos
  • Impact: they have specially trained agents.  It does drive incremental business to their dealers
  • ROI: It’s tough within social.  They think about the COI or cost of ignoring.
  • The command center is going global.  Launched in the US but putting similar centers in Europe, South America, etc.

Quote: Your customer’s perception is your reality. Social amplifies that.

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